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Pet Name: 2 Dogs - Lola and Tilly. And a cat - Mikki
Favourite Food: Italian
Lisa Stephens owns and operates BodyLife Brisbane which commenced 3 years ago. Fitness & inner health has always been a huge part of my life. From my early career as a physical education teacher to my ‘latest’ career as a part-time F45/BodyLife owner, I feel strongly that a wholistic approach is required to keep us all looking and feeling great. My mantra is “We’ve all just got to keep moving & as simplistic and cliched as this may sound, it’s true! It’s as hard & as easy as that!"


Eliza Amos

Pet Names: Cat called Yogi
Favourite Food: Thai

I recently completed my Bachelor of Business degree majoring in management and marketing. Throughout my studies I attained experience in a variety of work environments, where I was constantly recognising my passion for building relationships and creating unforgettable experiences for clients. My love for organisation will greatly attribute to my role at BodyLife studios as admin coordinator and studio marketer. I am thrilled to be a part of a positive work environment, that challenges and encourages individuals to create and maintain healthy lifestyles. 

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Pet Name: I have a farm of pets, Dogs, Rupert & Tucker. Cats Cooper. Tuxedo & Shotgun. Guinea Pigs, Gabl, Cupid & Twig, and 7 fish!
Favourite Food: Chocolate

"I began my wellness journey & second career 12 years ago. At 38 years old I found myself overweight & riddled with guilt over spending so little time with my family & suffering from consistently high blood pressure which my doctor wanted to treat by prescribing lifelong medication. Something had to change - and it did. One chapter closed & another seamlessly opened as I started participating in aqua aerobic classes. I loved the strength my body developed , and very shortly thereafter trained as an instructor. This allowed me to actually feel like I was making a positive difference to peoples lives! What a blessing!!!
I have continued to add fitness programmes to my portfolio. I did my Certificate 3 in Fitness, qualified in all 3 Pilates disciplines - Mat, Barre & Reformer, as well as Les Mills Pump. I LOVE what I do - what a gift - & every day is different! I strive to always have my clients leave a class feeling stronger, more energised and happily positive."

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Pet Name: A Cockatiel named Sir Lancelot
Favourite Food: Thai food and everything Italian

"I’m a late starter in this industry.  My curiosity for Pilates began in my 40’s because I was looking for a form of exercise that I would enjoy and stick to. I knew I had to move my body soon.  Once I started, I became addicted to the DOMS –  the delayed onset muscle soreness. I have a special interest in women 40 years+, seniors and exercising for the sense of belonging and a healthy mind. Hormonal changes in women, anxiety, depression, financial loss can all reap feelings of uncertainty and cause isolation. Let’s be brave and have courage together."

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Pet Names: Two Basenjis Shelby and Scooby-Doo
Favourite Food: Blueberries

"I was first introduced to yoga when I was 5 by my dad, but it was not until later when I made yoga a part of my daily life. Besides yoga, I “play" Capoeira and have a background in dance. I have always loved movement and body awareness, which led me to pursue a career in Osteopathic Medicine, deepening my understanding of the human anatomy and biomechanics. My focus is on integrating practical experience and knowledge to help others grow their inner connection with the body on their everyday journey."

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Pet Names: A dog, Milo, 10 years old
Favourite Food: Hot Pot

"I began to learn dance at the age of five and have more than 20 years professional experience. Since then, I have been teaching Les Mills classes for 20 years as a Senior trainer including Les Mills body balance, Les Mills core and Les Mills tone;
I have been teaching mat and reformer Pilates 15 years and am certificated by Basi and polestar. Movements are medicine for me 😅."

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Pet Names: Two Goldladors - Febe and Izzy
Favourite Food: Chocolate


"I have been teaching in the fitness industry for 28 years now. I trained in the UK, first teaching aerobics, with all those grapevines, box steps and star jumps. It was a lot of fun and my love for fitness and people's enthusiasm grew. After about 8 years I heard of this new type of exercise "Pilates" which was much more controlled and really concentrated on "core strength" and "back care". My family all suffer with bad backs, so it got me very interested. I immediately started my training and I have continued to learn and attend various courses and workshops over the last 20 years. I absolutely love what I do and it is so rewarding when people feel and see the benefits, especially when their backs and bodies start feeling stronger, and aches and pains disappear."


Roxy Aila

Pets Names: Zion, our family dog in PNG
Favourite Food: Chocolate


"My intention is to support students with their yoga journey, whether that is through building strength in a strong yoga flow class, increasing flexibility, or inviting stillness with a gentle yin yoga class. It gives me great joy to see members find the gifts of yoga through regular practice. I started practicing yoga in 2004 inconsistently. This changed in 2013 when I developed health issues and began to embrace a more consistent yoga practice. A consistent yoga practice enabled me to work through my health issues, develop physical strength, increased flexibility and calm my body and brain through breathing exercises to help ease the symptoms of depression and anxiety. I became a teacher to share this practice and meet students where they are. I am a Level 1 Instructor and became a yoga teacher in 2018. I have completed yoga teacher training in Brisbane, Byron Bay and Bali. I am a trauma informed yoga teacher and yin yoga teacher. I teach Hot Yoga, Vin Yin and Yin Yoga."


Genevieve Arel

Pets Names: No pets except a pond of fish
Favourite Food: Love all food but not a fan of Vegemite!

"I'm a certified Power Yoga Instructor, Certified Restorative Yoga, Certified Kids Yoga and I'm currently studying into a 650hrs Yoga Therapy at BIYOME! I absolutely adore yoga - it has taught me so much about myself and has created an amazing shift in my way of living life! I always love doing sports or activities to keep myself in focus and in connection with others. I played ice hockey from the age of 3 (being Canadian I guess I had too 😉), did gymnastics in my early years, martial arts and gym work when I was slightly older. I came across Yoga in 2006, but it took a few trials until I found the right practice. Yoga has been life changing for me. I'm also a mum of 2 gorgeous twin girls and as a family we love going camping and travelling!"