Our Classes

Pilates Room

Reformer Pilates offers support to the body, keeping the back and neck protected whilst working all of the deep, small stabilising muscles. All classes focus on teaching you how to engage your “T – Zone" - transverse abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor - and to utilise the Pilates principles of breathe, control, concentration, centring, isolation and flow.  

The reformer will give your body an intense all-over body workout due to the spring-based resistance and moving carriage.
We deliberately keep our classes small (maximum of 10 reformers) to ensure personalised attention and technique correction in all classes.
Classes are suitable for men and women of all ages and fitness levels, and are also great for rehabilitation and those with injury.

Jump+Reformer is a mixture of Reformer Pilates using plyometric and aerobic exercises. The movements are faster than usual, ensuring members sweat up a storm, and increase their heart rate. Balls are used a lot in this class where technical form is pushed to its limits. Enjoy testing your skills and core in this popular class where cardio is at the forefront.

Reformer/Touch of Barre uses our Reformer Pilates and also incorporates Barre. Barre movements are derived from ballet and whilst it may look easy, it is a challenging workout that our members love. 

Book a private Pilates class on request for $85.

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Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga has many benefits for your mind and your body including increased blood flow to the arms and legs, more oxygenated blood to the muscles, improved muscle tone and flexibility. Our infrared heaters incorporate the latest heating technology and are known to be the best in Brisbane. It’s the healthy heat that allows your energy to sustain and grow, heating you gently from the inside and not making you feel claustrophobic… it’s the ultimate detox!


Yoga Room

Yoga Reset/Restorative is a quiet, still and a grounding practice that promotes deep relaxation. Restore your natural ability to relax and learn how to put your mind and body at rest. Restorative Yoga helps reduce stress and tension, allowing you to relax.

Sun Salutations Yoga is a salute to the Sun, a modern practice in yoga incorporating a sequence of 12 gracefully linked asanas. Sun Salutations will improve blood circulation, purity your blood and strengthen the physical body. The lungs, digestive system, muscles and joints will all benefit from this beautiful practice.

Body Tone is a mat class which incorporates traditional Pilates exercises with the additional flair of each individual instructor.  Tai Chi, yoga, booty bands, balance balls, hand weights, ankle weights and more are utilized to challenge and extend the attendees.
Always a fun class with a great community vibe.  These classes can be adapted to any fitness level or ability.

VinYasa/Beginners Yoga is perfect if you have never practiced Yoga before, or are coming back to Yoga after an extended period of time. The mindful flow of VinYasa Yoga incorporates hip, shoulder and spine releases, where often much of our tension and stress is held. The repetitive nature of the practice also allows us to move deeper, into older areas of stress and disease.

Hatha Yoga is the branch of yoga that typically comes to mind when you think of yoga in general terms. The practice involves breath, body, and mind. Research shows Hatha yoga helps to relieve stress, support healthy habits, improve emotional health and ease back and arthritis pain.

Foam Roller 

Foam rollers are utilized in two different classes at BodyLife.

-We offer a 30 minute foam roller release class, which is aimed at massaging the muscles, mobilizing the joints, improving posture and building body awareness.  This class is great before an exercise class like reformer or yoga or F45 to prepare the body for optimal movement.  Additionally, this class can help to realign the body from poor posture and movement habits.

-Our 60 minute full body challenge on the foam rollers offers the chance to perform traditional exercises on the unstable surface of a foam roller.  This activates the body’s stabilizing muscles which lie deep in the body.  Everything from a crunch (or sit up) to a bridge can be adapted to the foam roller and your muscles will be challenged at the next level.

Both classes can be adapted to any fitness level or ability.

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Week Days
Please cancel all morning classes held before 8am, by no later than 7pm the evening before. Classes from 8.00am onwards have a generous 3 hour cancellation window.
Please cancel all weekend classes no later than 7pm the day before.
Late cancellations and no shows will be charged a fee of $10

If a class is fully booked, please add yourself to the waitlist.  There is often a good possibility of a spot becoming available, so please keep an eye on your classes. If you cannot attend a class you have waitlisted anymore, remove yourself from that waitlist as soon as possible to give others the opportunity to attend.