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Improve posture and balance, strengthen your core and back, increase flexibility and have fun.
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We are a caring community of instructors and members who will support, motivate and inspire you to become a stronger, healthier version of YOU.

Our Mission: To give your Body Life again.
We'll help you develop a tough outer shell and help support your inner well being with a balanced, holistic,
mind and body program so you can live your best life.
Our ‘Turtle’ logo is symbolic of all these things


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Our Rooms

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Pilates Room

With 10 Reformers, enjoy an intimate Pilates Class to help strengthen core and promote lean muscles

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Yoga Room

An intimate Yoga Room including our Infrared Heaters is the ultimate in calm for every Yoga Class offered


BodyLife Brisbane was founded by Lisa Stephens, a former physical education teacher. Lisa feels strongly that a holistic approach to exercise is required to keep us all looking and feeling great. Her mantra is “We’ve all just got to keep moving and as simplistic and cliched as this may sound, it’s true! It’s as hard and as easy as that!"

BodyLife was founded in 2018, and soon grew to be Pullenvale's most popular Pilates and Yoga studio, offering over 50 classes per week. Members conveniently pay a set amount per week allowing them to attend as they please, and the extensive BodyLife timetable works around all schedules.

Our members are our community. We treat everyone like family and encourage new members to join us and be part of our 'One Body One Life' family. 

What Our

Members Say

“I have and will continue to support and recommend BodyLife to others because my personal experience there has been wonderful.
I have found all the people there extremely welcoming, supportive and caring. 
The staff offer support and encouragement as I have worked to improve my balance and core strength. 
I find the environment you and the team have created is welcoming, clean, supportive and nurturing.
I enjoy seeing the friendly faces of other members and love being part of this group.”

Sue Muller